How to retrieve company info in Google Sheets with Clearbit and Apollo API

Image credit: Alexis Laporte

Scripting in Google Sheets gives you super power, and it’s very easy to use APIs to enrich your document.

In this article I’ll show you how-to:

  1. Create custom functions in Google Sheets
  2. Use Clearbit API to translate a company name into a company domain
  3. Use Apollo API to get details about a company using a company domain
  4. Bonus: Use Google CacheService to avoid API rate limits

We recently highlighted a Medium post on How to get Linkedin profiles in Google Sheets. Here is a similar example which combines data from the Clearbit and Apollo to return company information including other social media urls and more.

Image credit: Alexis Laporte

Some great tips in this post including using the Cache Service, find out more via the source link 👇.

Source: How to retrieve Company info in Google Sheets with Clearbit and Apollo API

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