Google Apps Script Release notes as an RSS Feed (scraping web pages with cheerio)

This enables you to register Apps Script Release Notes as RSS feed.

RSS data feeds might be less fashionable now, but I for one still rely on them as a way to aggregate and consume latest news. In a conversation with Pablo Felip and Kanshi Tanaike, this solution from Yuki Tanabe for turning the Google Apps Script release notes into an RSS feed was highlighted.  You can visit the source link for the RSS link to add to your feed aggregator.

Even if you are not a fan of RSS this project might be worth checking out as the solution implements the cheerio library for parsing/extracting content from HTML markup … or in other words a very simply way to use UrlFetchApp as a web scraper.

Source: GitHub – tanabee/google-apps-script-release-notes-feed: Apps Script Release notes RSS Feed

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