Totally Unscripted: Create your approvals hub by bringing DocuSign into Google Workspace – Live 29 Sept. at 1200 PDT / 1500 EDT / 2000 GMT+1

If you have had to electronically sign a document before you are likely to be one of the 200+ users who have used DocuSign. DocuSign provides a suite of services to support the entire contract lifecycle from eSignature to automation to analysis. Whilst DocuSign has its own full range of services and integrations DocuSign developers and partners build the customized and integrated experiences that account for roughly 60% of all of DocuSign’s transactions. In this episode of Totally Unscripted we are joined by Jeremy Glassenberg Product Leader, APIs at DocuSign. Jermey will provide an overview of DocuSign APIs and opportunities to integrate with Google Workspace. This episode will be broadcast live and you can join the conversation in the YouTube Live chat.

Show Live/Recording link –

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