Telegram Bot with Inline Keyboard in Google Sheets [and Google Apps Script]

Questa funzionalità permette di visualizzare, insieme al messaggio del bot, una tastiera virtuale con una serie di bottoni dove gli basterà cliccare su uno di essi per scegliere la sua risposta

[Google Translate: This feature allows you to view, together with the message of the bot, a virtual keyboard with a series of buttons where it will be enough to click on one of them to choose its response]

The accompanying video and post for this solution are in Italian and Google Translate might be required. This is a great resource and another example of a high quality video produced by the Apps Script community. The solution provides an overview of how you can display an inline keyboard within a Telegram Bot using a single Google Apps Script project.

Source: Telegram Bot with Inline Keyboard in Google Sheets

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