Introducing Zapier’s new Gmail add-on

Image: Zapier

Image: Zapier

This add-on makes it easy to move high-value emails into your other apps with just a click, without ever leaving Gmail.

You can use the add-on to create customized one-click workflows that give you seamless productivity—by moving important messages out of a private inbox and into a shared tool like Slack, for example, or by routing emails to apps like Asana to streamline your project management.

Following on from our recent repost of Zapier’s Google Sheets app of the day, Zapier are continuing their love of Google Apps Script with a new Gmail Add-on. The source code for this add-on is proprietary but again useful to see firms investing in G Suite solutions for the marketplace.

Source: Introducing Zapier’s new Gmail add-on – Updates | Zapier

Google Sheets: Zapier app of the day

Need your spreadsheet to do a specialized task, such as detecting and deleting duplicate rows automatically? You can build and publish custom add-ons with the Google Apps Script to take your spreadsheets to the next level. Don’t know code? Browse the Google Sheets add-on store to see what features others have built.

Always nice to see other organisations highlight Google Apps Script.

Source: Google Sheets: Zapier app of the day