Using Google Apps Script to schedule Google Meets for a Virtual Parents’ Evening Assistant

If your school is considering conducting an online ‘Virtual Parents’ Evening’ due to covid restrictions, this project might save your staff time. The Google Sheet (make a copy at ) uses Google Apps Scripts to automatically create a Calendar event (in your default Calendar), create a Meet link as part of the event, paste the Meet link back into the Sheet and create a draft email to the parent containing the Meet link and time/date.

A simple and effective solution from Luke Craig to help you manage virtual parents evenings … and more. In particular useful to see how you can add Google Meet video calls to you calendar invites. The video description also includes a link to the source code on Github.

Plan an Educational Visit in under two minutes using Google Apps Script

This video demonstrates how teachers can plan an educational visit in under two minutes using Google Witchcraft and Wizardry (also known as Google Apps Script!)

A creative approach on automating the process of filling a Google Form towards an education visit and creating a Calendar invite with all the relevant information.