Become a Google Cloud Innovator and join the Google Cloud Innovators Hive event March 29-30, 2022

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Google Cloud Innovator’s inaugural event, Innovators Hive is a virtual, global, and free event limited to 1,000 developers and practitioners. Organized for and with the Cloud community, it focuses on deep technical content presented by Champion Innovator and Google thought leaders and luminaries.

Google Cloud Innovators is a new program created by Google for anyone using Google Cloud to come together as a community to learn, share and collaborate:

You know Google Cloud. Now it’s time for Google Cloud to get to know you.

Join the program by claiming the Innovators Program badge on your developer profile. From the beginning, you will receive invitations to hear from Google Cloud executives and Developer Advocates, roadmap presentations, and a chance for an invitation to join our new series of Innovator community events.

We’re just getting started. We are working on customizing experiences across Google Cloud to incorporate your identity as an Innovator, and make your time with Cloud a more personal and collaborative journey.

You can find out more about becoming a badged Google Cloud Innovator.

As part of the Google Cloud Innovator program Google is hosting ‘Innovators Hive’, 29-30 March 2022. This is a free event where you can hear from Google and community contributors about the latest developments in Google Cloud. There isn’t a published programme yet but you can get a sense of what will be talked about from the featured speakers page.

A number of Google Workspace experts will be contributing sessions to Innovator Hive, many of whom we’ve featured regularly here in Apps Script Pulse, including:

  • Charles Maxson
  • Christian Schalk
  • Clay Smith
  • Adam Morris
  • Alice Keeler 
  • Jasper Duizendstra
  • Scott Donald
  • Sourabh Choraria

There will be a couple of community meetups for folks who build solutions on Google Workspace or for folks who are curious about what the possibilities are. One of these will be a Totally Unscripted reunion where I’ll be joining Charles Maxson which will be an opportunity to ask a question or share your ideas about Workspace Development.  

To join this event if not already a Google Cloud Innovator check out the Google Cloud Innovators program page to become a member, then register for Innovators Hive 2022. Both Google Cloud Innovator and Innovator Hive are FREE!

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