Using Google Apps Script as a Webhook

Google Apps Script projects can be published as web apps …. This is helpful if you’re building a tool with a simple UI (using HTMLService), but they can also be used as webhooks to do work within a user account.

Google provides the option of service accounts, so why use webhooks?

For my project, it was because I needed to send calendar invites to other people. Service accounts are generally the way to handle those kinds of jobs, but it needed to have full account delegation, which means it can act on behalf of any user in the domain. That wasn’t an option in this case, so a webhook became the next best option.

Brian Bennett highlights the benefits of using ContentService and Web Apps as a way to let you interface other services.

Source: Using Google Apps Script as a Webhook

Add a Google Meet to Calendar Events with Google Apps Script

My small team relies on automation to make things run. Part of our PD process is a Google Form workflow that kicks off calendar events, document creation, and email notifications. Since we’ve moved to online learning, we wanted to update that process to automatically add a Google Meet link for any PD that doesn’t have to be in person.

There are some official Google guides that show how to attach a Meet event to the Calendar, but nothing from the perspective of Apps Script specifically, so that’s what is shown here.

Source: Add a Google Meet to Calendar Events with Google Apps Script

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