A comprehensive look at key value store options in Google Apps Script

A comparison of key-value store options in Google Apps Script, including PropertiesService, CacheService, Firestore, and Sheet Developer Metadata.

Justin Poehnelt has shared a comprehensive look at key-value store options in Google Apps Script. Key-value stores are useful for storing data like user preferences or frequently accessed data, which can also be shared between script executions.

As part of Justin’s post as well as looking at the built-in store options, PropertiesService and CacheService, there is also a look at scenarios where you might want to consider alternatives like Firestore.

The choice of key-value store depends on factors like expiration needs, number of items, value size, access control requirements, latency sensitivity, and cost considerations. Justin’s post provides a thorough analysis of each factor, including latency comparisons.

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Source: Key Value Store Options in Google Apps Script | Justin Poehnelt

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