Google Cloud Next 24 agenda builder is LIVE! Reserve your sessions NOW and spotlight on Google Workspace related topics 

Google Next is only a few short weeks away and as of this morning, the Agenda builder is live. In this video I walk through how I choose which sessions to attend, and my recommended Google Workspace sessions.

Jesse Nowlin, tabGeeks founder and Google Workspace Admin expert, has complied this great video with tips on how to get the most out of Google Cloud Next ’24. Jesse has highlighted a number of Google Workspace related sessions which are linked from the video description.

Jesse has included the session Charles Maxson, Kara Ireland and myself (Martin Hawksey) will be doing on Day 3 April 11, 2024 at 11:00 AM – 11:45 AM PDT on Apps Script and Gemini: Build custom AI-powered Google Workspace solutions. Kara and I have already started discussing tactics for getting the mic off of Charles. The session is demo packed and hopefully full takeaways that can help with your own Gemini API powered Google Workspace solutions.

The entire Totally Unscripted crew will actually be at Next ’24 with Alice Keeler giving a Lightning Talk on Duet Your Data. If you are one of the anticipated 40K attendees (⊙_⊙’) please come and say hello. Finally, if you haven’t registered yet Jesse has a referral link in his video description.

Source: Google Cloud NEXT 24 Agenda Builder is LIVE! Reserve Your Sessions NOW

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