Google Apps Script now includes Google Drive API v3 support in the Advanced Services

If you closely follow the Google Workspace Apps Script Samples repo on GitHub (who doesn’t :) you might have spotted a recent commit which updates the Advanced Drive Services to v3.

The v3 of the Google Drive API has actually been around for a number of years launched on December 14, 2015. One of the reasons Google introduced version 3 was it came with performance improvements.

My impression is that the gap between the v2 and v3 has narrowed over the years with minor release updates, but there are still some areas where you can get more from the v3 API. One example reported by Kanshi Tanaike is to query Google Drive files by createdTime.

Google provide a Drive API v2 & v3 comparison guide, which highlights the main differences between the two versions of the API. To use v3 in your Apps Script project when you enable the Advanced Service for Drive you can select the version number.

Source: Drive API v2 & v3 comparison guide  |  Google Drive  |  Google for Developers

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