New features in the Apps Script integrated development environment (IDE) | Release Notes  |  April 13, 2022

April 13, 2022
You can now perform the following actions in the new Apps Script integrated development environment (IDE):

You can read more about the script editor updates in this related Google Workspace Updates post, which provides more details of note is:

This launch ensures Apps Script users can utilize the legacy features in the new environment:

  • Script Properties: Allows you to store simple data in key-value pairs scoped to one script. Script properties are typically used to store developer configuration data. The new IDE has now integrated the interface to edit, delete and create up to 50 new script properties.
  • Add-on Testing: Allows add-on developers to test their add-ons before publishing them broadly.
  • Time Zone Setting: Allows you to update the time zone of the script and its executions.
  • Rhino Debugging: Adds the ability to debug Rhino subroutines on V8 debugger, without migrating to V8. If the code is not V8 compatible, users will get a warning message.

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