Adding STAT Reports [extracting .csv email attachments] to Google Sheets Using App Scripts

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The team at MacMillan Search has generated a lot of value by combining automated STAT reports with Google Sheets through the script they share in this post. From adding ranking details to other tool’s outputs to giving the content teams up-to-date “People Also Ask” reports, the end result has proven to be a great time-saver in our week-to-week SEO workflows by reducing manual work and providing standard outputs that easily integrate with any spreadsheet.

I always enjoy dipping into content from the SEO community as it has some really creative and innovative solutions. This example from MacMillian Search is a use case I’m familiar with, getting data out of a system as an email report with .CSV attachment and using Google Apps Script to do all the automation to update a Google Sheet. If you are not in SEO still worth a read as the pattern used here may come in handy.

Source: Adding STAT Reports to Google Sheets Using App Scripts

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