Totally Unscripted: What’s new in the world of Chat Apps? – 17 November at 1200 PT / 1500 ET / 2000 GMT

For our next episode of Totally Unscripted we look at Google Chat, specifically Google Chat Apps. As part of this we will be joined by Aidha Shaikh who leads the Chat App strategy at Google. This episode will be broadcast live and you can join the conversation in the YouTube Live chat.

Chat bots (aka Chat Apps) offer developers a framework for building solutions within conversations and direct messages inside of Google Chat. As Google Chat has become a more integral part of Google Workspace, Chat Apps have evolved to offer developers new capabilities which in turn creates opportunities for richer interactions, integrations and workflows. In this episode, we will discuss “What’s new in the world of Chat Apps” with Aidha Shaikh, Product Manager on the Google Workspace Platform team, who leads the Chat App strategy at Google.

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