TU4.6: Life After Apps Script – A chat with Eric Koleda (@erickoleda), Developer Advocate @ Coda Live TUESDAY 19 Oct. at 1200 PDT / 1500 EDT / 2000 GMT+1

In this episode of Totally Unscripted, we will catch up with Eric Koleda who has been a well known fixture to Google Workspace Developers for the better part of a decade. Now that his legendary career as a Google Workspace Developer Relations Engineer has come to a close, we will reminisce with Eric about the impact of Apps Script and how Workspace development has evolved.  We will also take a look at the future and get some insights about his new role and the breakthrough technology at Coda, where he’s begun his new life after Apps Script.

This episode will be broadcast live TUESDAY 19 Oct. at 1200 PDT / 1500 EDT / 2000 GMT+1 and you can join the conversation in the YouTube Live chat. 

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