Use Google Cloud AI to find the right answers from the Calendar TV contest

I have programmed an application that searches for (or rather knows) the correct answers to the competition questions from the Kalendárium program, all using Google Cloud AI. I decided to write the entire application in Google Apps Script technology, which offers an online IDE editor, application operation in the cloud and the possibility of a quick connection to Google services. [auto-translated]

You’re going to have to hit Google Translate to read this post from Ivan Kutil, but it’s worth it is a nice example of how Google Apps Script can be used for orchestration. All the details are in the post and it’s also a nice reminder of the Parser library Ivan released in 2016, which makes it easy to scrape data from websites using UrlFetchApp (read more about the web scraping).

Source: Využití Google Cloud AI pro hledání správných odpovědí z televizní soutěže Kalendárium

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